Monthly Archives: November 2018

Contest Winners

Here are the final contest winners: Judge's Favorite CASSANDRA TERSIA VISAGIE A004 SMS Favorite Stanley Pascoe B011 Website Favorite Marnoux van der Schyff C003 Baby (Under 2 years) Ayo Melaatsi A005 Reatlegile Moroane A008 Lieka Robinson A006 Toddler (2 & 3 years) Zaydan Grundling B010 Mishke Huyser B012 Lebone Molisalife B005 Child (4 &

Final SMS Votes

Here are the final SMS votes for the Rustenburg Baby & Toddler Contest 2018. We will announce the winners of the contest on the 9th of November 2018. Child Code Totals A003 37 A004 44 A005 278 A006 55 A008 162 A009 4 A011 15 A014 4 A015 3 A016 9 A017 29 A018

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