SMS Votes – 17/07/2017

Good day all parents, friends, family and supporters of the Rusties Baby & Toddler Contest 2017!

SMS Voting Results

Here are the SMS votes as they currently stand in the morning of the 17th of July 2017:

Win Child81,001
Win Child34587
Win child25337
Win child 2260
Win Child38175
Win child39137
Win child 70122
Win Child29119
Win Child2484
Win child 6980
Win child5158
Win Child2058
Win child1154
Win Child 2454
Win child949
Win child4249
Win Child3047
Win child546
Win child3742
Win child6339
Win child6435
Win Child4335
Win Child2735
Win Child6734
Win Child6031
Win Child2630
Win Child5929
Win child 6525
Win child 821
Win child 5821
Win child5820
Win child6518
Win Child1318
Win child 2918
Win Child4617
Win child 2517
Win child7116
Win child 1816
Win Child3215
Win Child215
Win Child5414
Win Child5014
Win child1013
Win child6611
win child 510
Win child 2010
Win child 629
Win child 549
Win Child628
Win Child488
Win Child228
Win Child 98
Win Child 468
Win Child67
WIN Child537
Win child20Mia-Ann7
Win Child147
Win child556
Win child16
Win child 686
Win child 266
Win child 176
Win child 116
Win Child475
Win Child405
Win child315
Win Child215
Win Child 605
Win Child 345
Win child 135
Win child334
Win Child 9 Kaitlyn Nel4
Win child 384
Win child 144
Win Child4
Win child683
Win Child563
Win child nr 703
Win child 593
Win child 563
Win Child 533
Win Child 513
Win child 453
Win Child 223
Win Child702
Win Child572
Win Child492
Win Child412
Win child172
Win child 662
Win Child 62
Win child 422
win child 392
Win child 312
Win Luan401
Win Chldd241
Win Chill601
Win child721
Win child691
Win Child521
Win Child 711
Win Child 69.1
Win Child 641
Win Child 571
Win child 56 vir baba Jasmine1
Win child 321
Win child 31
Win child 2l1
Win Child 2.1
Win child 101
Win child 691
Win child 21
Win chid 701
Win a child 691
Win a child1
Win 72child1
Win Child81
Win Child701
Win child 691
Win child 691
Win Child701

Unfortunately some messages are still being sent incorrectly.
Be sure to send “Win ChildX” where X is the number of the child. Exactly in that format.
We will fix the current, incorrect messages to allocate them to the correct child.

SMS votes are excluded and separate from the website votes shown below each photo. SMS votes will be released publicly on a weekly basis here on the website and on Facebook. SMS votes count a percentage, website votes count a percentage and then the judges make the final decision taking the SMS and website votes into consideration. Please note that SMS votes cost R3 each.

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