SMS Votes Results – 10th of July 2015


We counted the SMS votes again and the new numbers have been updated on the Rustenburg Baby Contest 2015 website on each individual baby/toddler photo.

The SMS count applies till Friday, the 10th of July 2015 at 9am in the morning.

To see the SMS count on your baby/toddler, please go into the relevant age category and view the SMS count in brackets next to the name of your baby/toddler.

Age Categories

SMS Complaints

If you feel that the SMS results are not accurate, please check the following:

  • Ensure that you are using the format correct: WIN BabyX
  • Are you sending to the right number? 47439
  • Do you get a “Thank you…” SMS in return?
  • Is R3 deducted from your airtime or charged to your contract?

Our SMS line provider says that many incorrect SMSes are still coming through.

If you feel that you did it correct and the numbers are not reflected correctly, please contact us with your name and number sent from. We are compiling a list which we will send directly to Vodacom, MTN, CellC to confirm whether or not your SMS was sent and received accordingly and we will then get back to you on that.

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