SMS Votes Results – 4 July 2015

It is wonderful to see all the parents, friends, colleagues, family, etc of the babies/toddlers SMSing for their favourites to win. We have received many SMSes and will publish regular results.

Please note that many users are using the SMS format incorrectly. The correct format is “WIN BabyX” where X to 47439 is the number of your baby/toddler. If the SMSes are sent in a different format, we will manually allocate them to the correct line eventually so they are not lost, do not worry!

Keep voting! Tell all your friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances to vote via SMS using your baby/toddler’s SMS code. The prizes are waiting to be won!

Here are the results so far (excluding the incorrectly formatted ones):

Baby73: 197
Baby41: 114
Baby 115: 107
baby93: 91
baby6: 78
Baby35: 72
Baby79: 69
Baby42: 37
Baby109: 37
Baby78: 35
Baby126: 33
Baby99: 30
Baby50: 30
Baby32: 28
Baby29: 25
Baby61: 25
Baby7: 23
Baby57: 22
Baby68: 20
Baby37: 18
Baby118: 17
Baby63: 17
Baby109: 17
Baby10: 14
Baby72: 14
Baby12: 14

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